Programming In Language Assignments

1)      Write the output of the following segment of code. Do it using pencil and paper   typedef char* string;   char msg1[]= {“There will be no quiz next week. Hooray!”}; char msg2[]= {“Thank you. I don’t have to study CSCI610”}; string str1,str2,str3,str4,str5,str6;   str1 = strrchr(msg1,’n’); str2 = strchr(str1,’H’); *(str2-1)=’’;   str3= strchr(msg1,’T’); str4= strchr(str3,’q’);… Continue reading Programming In Language Assignments


Strategic Business Plan for a New Venture

ASSIGNMENT BRIEF   TASK Develop a Strategic Business Plan for a New Venture   Start-up companies are more important in bringing products and services to market. In response to new technology, new and innovative businesses are taking over the markets of those older companies too slow to move with changing customer demands. Following this line… Continue reading Strategic Business Plan for a New Venture

The consideration of external forces

Many students in the past have applied SWOT in a very descriptive manner: without   conducting in depth research to all of its elements, without acknowledging the research sources, and without taking into consideration external forces relating to legislation, competition and change. Please use this discussion to raise issues relating to internal audit and the… Continue reading The consideration of external forces


Leadership and Ethics In Healthcare Final Paper

Values can be a rich source of leader effectiveness data. Most values and personality measures lack validity evidence. Most organizations consider financial performance the number on indicator of leader effectiveness, focusing solely on financial outcome. In your opinion, how valuable are financial outcomes in measuring effective leadership? Explain what should be measured? How should we… Continue reading Leadership and Ethics In Healthcare Final Paper


Corporate Strategy Substantive Paper

At this point, you are required to read this article on cashless society and automated systems.   Please hit this link   As soon as you open the link, you have to hit ‘downloads. Find the article on the top left of the new page and download it. Read it and write a paragraph… Continue reading Corporate Strategy Substantive Paper