Free flow or boutique style layout

Part 2 After you have finished your observation and collected notes write a 1 page (minimum) essay describing the design choices you observed for this store and answering the following questions: 1. What type of customer experience does the design of this store aim to give? Is it successful? Why or why not? 2. Does… Continue reading Free flow or boutique style layout


Financial Reporting Environment

  * Financial Reporting Environment, Financial Statements, and Ratios What is the purpose of accounting? Who are the users of accounting information? What about the purpose and composition of the balance sheet, the income statement, the statement of retained earnings and the statement of cash flows? How about earnings per share, the current ratio and the… Continue reading Financial Reporting Environment


Litigation, Censures, and Fines

Assignment 2: Litigation, Censures, and Fines Due Week 7 and worth 140 points Research the Internet or Strayer Library for recent litigation, censures, and fines involving national public accounting firms.  Examples of litigation cases against national public accounting firms include fines by regulatory authorities and censures by professional societies. To complete Assignment 2, find examples… Continue reading Litigation, Censures, and Fines

Government & Non for Profit

ACC 410- Government & Non for Profit : PLEASE READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY AND FULLY! Assignment 1: Financial Statement / Audit Report Review Due Week 4 and worth 240 points Select one (1) local government in your state or area and review the financial statements and audit report for the county or municipality. The financial statements… Continue reading Government & Non for Profit


Service industry accounting system

How does the service industry use the cost accounting system. Describe some useful tools and techniques of Cost Accounting in service industry ( hotels, hospitals, etc). Write 10 pages with title and bibliograthy , APA format, at least 5 articles related to Cost Accounting, academically approved, from journal of Management Accounting or Cost Accounting. NO… Continue reading Service industry accounting system


Responsibilities for assessing fraud risk

Fraud Risk 1. Create a scenario where the external auditors detect that there is fraud. Discuss the auditors’ responsibilities for assessing fraud risk. What are the procedures used to detect material misstatements due to fraud? 2. Discuss recommendations to management for reducing fraud. NBC Learn Videos: Cyberattacks on Public Companies Title: Equifax, Yahoo CEOs… Continue reading Responsibilities for assessing fraud risk


Innovation/Entrepreneurial Mishaps

Assignment Content    Select one of the organizations (BLOCKBUSTER) that your team wrote about in the Week 2 Learning Team Assignment: Innovation/Entrepreneurial Mishaps. Keep this organization in mind for your Week 4 and 5 Learning Team assignments. Develop a 150- to 250- word annotated bibliography with ONE references on the following topic of innovation implementation. Be sure to include the… Continue reading Innovation/Entrepreneurial Mishaps