Human Resources Mission Statement

Create and briefly describe a fictional large company of your choice. This is your company and it should preferably be in your current or desired future industry. This company and the HR mission statement you create will be used as a foundation for future assignments in this course. 2. Compare and contrast the below sample mission statements. Evaluate… Continue reading Human Resources Mission Statement

Oxford Company leased equipment

On January 1, 2010, Oxford Company leased equipment from Starkville Company. The lease had a non-cancellable ten-year term and required annual lease payments of $19,000 to be paid on January 1 of each year with the first payment due January 1, 2010. The annual payment includes $1,000 for executory costs. Oxford guarantees a $15,000 residual… Continue reading Oxford Company leased equipment


Company’s production to a foreign market

Revise your Week 3 economic analysis using the feedback provided by your facilitator to evaluate the challenges of expanding your company’s production to a foreign market. This will require you to revise previously recommended pricing and non-pricing strategies for your company’s product based on the selected country’s economy’s stage in the business cycle and the projected… Continue reading Company’s production to a foreign market


Business Commuincation Assignment

Brief Assignment Business Commuincation Assignment Prep a 600 word memo based on why emoji’s should not be used. The outline on the assignment is attached, along with an example of the memo format. Anyhow, the memo must state a recommendation on why emoji’s shouldn’t be used (Summary/recommendation section). Discussion section, should emphasize emoji “cons”, and… Continue reading Business Commuincation Assignment


Social Media and Networking Analysis

Social Media/Networking and how it negatively affects our lives Write 2 to 3 well written paragraphs (around 200 words each, about 500 words total) About how social networking negatively affects aspects of human life or how it detaches us from the real world around us and everyday life. Examples paragraphs Quality of communication is worst… Continue reading Social Media and Networking Analysis


Adolescent’s treatment for conduct disorder

The Null Hypothesis (Ho): Attending family mode therapy has no effect on adolescent’s treatment for conduct disorder The Alternative Hypothesis (Ha). Attending family mode therapy has a positive effect on the treatment outcome. 1. Describe the processes you would use for statistical analysis to evaluate the question/hypothesis of your study. 2. Justify your choice of… Continue reading Adolescent’s treatment for conduct disorder