Risk Sheet

The Stevens Company is converting from the SQL Server® database to the Oracle® database. Using the sample shown below, create a Risk Information Sheet for at least five potential risks that might be encountered during the conversion. At least three of the five risks you choose should be project management related. Risk Information Sheet Risk… Continue reading Risk Sheet

Computer Programming Capstone Source Code And Documentation Package

Implementation—After the initial unit tests are built, you enter the final phase of your project, implementation and testing (this is the phase where you write and test all of your source code). You will also likely need to add to your test suite. If your implementation is complicated, it will be split into two or… Continue reading Computer Programming Capstone Source Code And Documentation Package

Budgeting with Real Options

Assignment 1: Budgeting with Real Options A capital investment project that generates new opportunities is more valuable than one that doesn’t. A flexible project, one that does not commit management to a fixed operating strategy is more valuable than an inflexible one. When a project is flexible or generates new opportunities for the company, it… Continue reading Budgeting with Real Options

Financial Instruments

“Financial Instruments” Please respond to the following: Suggest one key factor that a financial manager should evaluate when determining whether to invest in stocks or bonds. Provide support for your rationale. Create an argument on whether the Wilshire 5000 or the Dow Jones is a better index of the performance of the broad stock market… Continue reading Financial Instruments

The Cost of Capital

Assignment 2: The Cost of Capital Assume that you are a member of an aerospace company’s newly formed executive committee that has been given the role of reviewing requests for major capital expenditures. The committee chairman has laid the groundwork for approving requests that managers of various organizational units have submitted by reminding the group… Continue reading The Cost of Capital

Defining Types of Causation

Assignment 1: Defining Types of Causation In this week’s reading we learned about four types of causality: causally necessary, causally sufficient, causally necessary and sufficient, and causal dependence of one variable on another. By the due date assigned, post two example claims of at least two types of causality and label them appropriately. Then, explain… Continue reading Defining Types of Causation

The Structure of Statements: Translating If and And Statements

Assignment 2: The Structure of Statements: Translating If and And Statements This exercise will help you become more proficient at recognizing, translating, and evaluating if and and statements. In this assignment, find two examples for the exercise; translate the claims of the example into symbolic form; identify an if or an and statement; then assess… Continue reading The Structure of Statements: Translating If and And Statements