IT Security Policy Implementations

Discussion Information dissemination—how to educate employees. For this discussion, you will identify various security awareness training options. List different types of training, such as classroom, computer-based training (CBT), and so on. List the advantages and disadvantages of each. Is one type of training better than the others? Why or why not? Reference your discussion Get… Continue reading IT Security Policy Implementations


1. PRODUCT CONCEPT Identify the physical attributes, customer benefits, and competitive advantages of the product (or service) to be offered by the organization. Analyze geographic, economic, cultural, and legal factors that would influence offering a standardized or an adapted product for this market. 2. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Discuss economic, cultural, political, or technological factors that… Continue reading PRODUCT AND TARGET MARKET PLANNING

Microeconomics Paper

For your course paper, you will need to find a recent article, editorial, or podcast that addresses a topic or issue that can be analyzed using the tools and concepts of microeconomics. The primary article, editorial, or podcast you select must have been published this year (in 2018). About 14 paragraphs, around 5 pages.… Continue reading Microeconomics Paper

Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution, which began in the eighteenth century, has had an ongoing influence on society as well as the relationship between humans and their environment. With the onset of industrialization came the drastic increase in urbanization, setting up of factories in places which were once biomes, and the rapid development of land. All this… Continue reading Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution

Identifying Fixtures

As a real estate transaction occurs, one of the areas to be agreed upon by the parties is the designation of fixtures on the property in question. Toilets and light fixtures are generally considered by law to be a fixture that remains with the property, but what about appliances? Clarification must be made as to… Continue reading Identifying Fixtures

Transfer Of Real Property

Transfer of property is another area of real property where specific legal requirements have been enacted. The goal is to protect both parties in the transaction, as well as ensure that all necessary steps and conditions have been fulfilled. Consider the following scenario: John and Mary have recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, which has made… Continue reading Transfer Of Real Property

Interview Analysis

For this Assignment, please interview at least two (or more) friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. to ascertain answers to the following questions: 1. What impact did the events of 9/11 have on their sense of security/vulnerability? 2. Do they agree or disagree with the U.S. response to the attacks? · Which aspects of the U.S. response… Continue reading Interview Analysis

Scenario: Criminal Law

In the scenario listed below (see attachment) there are at least four alleged crimes and at least one possible civil action. Review the scenario and identify these crimes and civil action. In a 3–4 page paper (excluding title and reference pages), apply principles of criminal law to criminal justice practice. Show an understanding of the… Continue reading Scenario: Criminal Law

Price Control And Labor

Research Paper Format I. Introduction – In this section you are going to summarize your reference articles (3-4) for the same topic as you selected in the Article Review Assignment. In your own word you will summarize the Objectives, Content and Findings of each Article and will include them in your references. As in your… Continue reading Price Control And Labor