Internet Case—Citizen-Centric Reporting

Although citizens should be concerned about the performance of government, in truth, few citizens typically review the financial information provided by their government. In part, this is due to the complexity of reports such as the comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFR). The Association of Government Accountants (AGA) may have a potential solution to the lack… Continue reading Internet Case—Citizen-Centric Reporting


In 75 to 150 words or more answer the following questions. Globalization and global trade have led to increased competition in world markets and increased efficient allocation of scarce resources. Is it accurate to say that this is contributing to increased consumer surplus and reductions in inflationary pressures? If yes, how (explain using economic concepts… Continue reading Globalization

Cultural Activity Report

Assignment 3: Cultural Activity Report Due Week 9 and worth 100 points As a way of experiencing the Humanities beyond your classroom, computer, and textbook, you are asked to do a certain type of “cultural activity” that fits well with our course and then report on your experience. Your instructor will require you to propose… Continue reading Cultural Activity Report

Management And Business In The 21st Century: Central Questions In The Global Economy, Ecology And Ethics

Assessment – 1 (weighting 50%) – Critically discuss and present a plan on how organizations can contribute to the betterment of society through elevating the health and well-being of those who live in it. What role can organizations play in positively affecting the physical, psychological, social, and financial health of individuals, groups, communities, countries, regions,… Continue reading Management And Business In The 21st Century: Central Questions In The Global Economy, Ecology And Ethics

Business Unit Analysis

Assignment 2: LASA 1 USE FOOT NOTES YOU CAN USE THE PAST PAPER IN THE ATTACHMENT FOR REFERENCE IF IT HELPS!!! Business Unit Analysis Directions: Create a Feasibility Study for Harley-Davidson using the following outline: Part I: Differentiation Strategies The analysis of current strategy and competitor analysis you conducted last module impressed the senior vice… Continue reading Business Unit Analysis

Art of Science of Supply Chain Management

Discussion: Art of Science of Supply Chain Management We have discussed the art and science of Supply Chain Management throughout the course. Consider the need for professional development as a Supply Chain Manager. It is important to know what is available to develop professional growth and opportunities. Visit the following sites and look through the… Continue reading Art of Science of Supply Chain Management

International Banking

1 Instructions Please read the data definitions in the spreadsheet. You may want to compute means, medians,and standard deviations of the data you produce. For this exercise, we will mainly work in logged rates.( Answer the following questions in 5 pages or less, plus supporting exhibits if necessary/desired. 2 Case Study Questions 1. What is… Continue reading International Banking