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1How does work?
Working with us is a very simple task. You just need to follow a very easy process. Strat by properly filling all the details as required in the order form provided. Click on ‘order’ paper. Fill all the details in the spaces provided. Please make sure to give us all the instructions. Attach any materials where necessary. Click ‘Next’. A Personal writer is assigned to your order You will be directed to a page where you are required to make payments. After making the payment, our system will automatically assign your paper to the most qualified writer. The writer will work on it and deliver to you before the deadline. Finally your assignment is completed. Access it now! The paper is uploaded to your personal profile where you can access it.
2How confidential are your services?
Working with us guarantees you the confidentiality and the privacy of your information. You will be required to give us your critical details such as your official name, phone number, email address and your location among others. All this information will be kept safely in our secure databases. In case of anything, we can only reach you using the phone numbers on our website. Do not give out your credit card number or passwords even to our members of staff. You are required to sign our privacy agreement which is a legal contract between you and us. For any information, feel free to contact us anytime.
3Kindly advice on how I can pay for your services. How safe is it to pay online?
Our company and global brands such as MasterCard and PayPal are close business partners. They have a reputation for safety and the provision of quality services. These companies operate globally and have won many awards due to the security and the innovation they engage in. Moreover, the companies are registered in many countries across the world and are accepted modes of payment. We have entered into a partnership deal with them which makes it easy for you to make payments. We have provided a link for these two companies in our order page where you can make your payments easily and safely.
4What determines your price?
Our firm is the most reputable and affordable academic writing company. Our prices depend on the discipline, the number of pages, deadline and the level of study. We charge from $10 per page since we must compensate our writers at least $ 7 per page. We are quite sure that there are competitors who charge lower than this. However, they cannot guarantee the quality you will enjoy from us. We are the only place where you can get quality papers at the most affordable rates.

Our Writers

1Kindly tell me more about your writers. Do they have degrees?
Our writers hold postgraduate degrees from the most prestigious universities. Actually, quite a majority of them teach in these institutions of higher learning. For one to qualify as our writer he or she must have the necessary academic experience, competency and professional experience. Additionally, they must pass the online tests which we give them to test their grasp on the aspects of grammar, spelling and critical thinking. When they handle your paper, you are guaranteed of quality.
2Apart from academic qualifications, what are the other credentials held by your writers?
All your papers will be handled by postgraduate degree holders. On top of that, they must be professionals in that field. We only hire postgraduates with professional qualifications in their respective fields. All writers must submit their academic and professional qualifications before they can join our writing team. Additionally, we give them tests to test their research and critical thinking skills. As such, be assured that they will give you the best results.
3I want my paper to be handled by degree holders. Assure me this.
Our company only hires postgraduates. We have writers from all professions ranging from Medicine, Mathematics, Engineering, Economics, Nursing and Physics among others. They possess top-notch skills to competently handle your paper. Before recruiting them, they must send a copy of their degrees to us. We ascertain their authenticity before allowing them to handle your orders. Additionally, they must show skills in research and critical analysis.
4I want the freedom to deal with the writer I want. What about this service?
Yes. This is allowed. We offer this premium services to our customers. Any repeat customer has the privilege of requesting the writer who completed his or her previous order to complete his or her current assignment. Kindly when placing an order, there is an option of choosing a particular writer. The option is available in the drop-down list. Please choose the specific writer whom you want. Please note that for you to enjoy this service, the writer must be willing to complete your current order.
5Can you tell me where you get your writers from?
We are a global brand. As such, we recruit writers from all the English speaking nations across the world. We majorly specialize in Native English speakers. In some instances, we also hire non-native speakers. However, the latter must demonstrate a proper command of English. We subject them to various tests so as to assess their mastery of English. You are at liberty to pick either a Native or a non-native speaker. All our writers are qualified to write your orders.
6Am i able to communicate with the writer who will be handling my assignment?
All our clients are allowed to talk to the writers handling their papers at any time. Just log into your personal account and click on ‘messages’. You can chat with the writer and enquire about the various aspects concerning the progress of your paper. For all the communication with the writer, you will be in a position to get email notifications. Make a point of checking your emails or account regularly to see whether there are some messages from your writer.

General Questions

1I am afraid of plagiarism, can you guarantee me that my paper will be original?
We always deliver original work which has never been published before. There is no possibility of getting plagiarism in our papers. All our writers are sensitized on this academic crime. They know how to develop original content and properly cite their work. Additionally, we have powerful software which can detect paraphrasing, substitution of words and direct quotations. The software is regularly updated to keep in touch with the various materials which are developed on a daily basis. We complement this software with Turnitin which a useful anti-plagiarism tool.
2Kindly expound on the format you use when writing my assignments.
We format your orders as per your desires. However, if you do not request us to work on a particular format, the paper shall contain 275words per page. This is the minimum number of words excluding references. It is formatted with 12 points using the Tines New Roman. All the sides of our papers have a One-inch margin.
3I am strict on deadline, can you assure me that my orders will be submitted on time?
Always when working with us, please make sure to indicate the deadline for both the draft and the final submission. Our deadline is calculated by our systems after we receive your payments. For example, if we receive all your paper instructions and payments on Monday 5 am and the deadline is five days, we shall deliver it by Sunday 5 am. Please give all the information and sufficient time to enable our writers to conduct all the necessary research. In case you add other instructions or materials after we have started working on your paper, we shall be forced to postpone the deadline of the paper.
4I want to be regularly updated when how my paper is progressing? Do you offer this service?
Yes. We have this service. The customized service enables our customers to enjoy flexibility. We understand that you may want your work to be completed in parts. Also, you may want to maintain regular communication with the writer. This is the best service for these requirements. For customers who order dissertations and thesis, you are highly encouraged to use this service since you can be able to have your assignment after each and every chapter. If you want to enjoy this service, kindly click on ‘know my progress’. Fill all the required details and the system will automatically charge you. Please note that we charge you an extra 15% for these service since it is a premium service. Want to plan for your academic work? Use Progressive Delivery service.
5Take me through the process of placing an order with you. Is it easy?
It is a very simple process. Log into your customer account. Click on ‘order’. Fill in the level of study, discipline, the number of pages, writing format, deadline for the draft and the final submission, and the number of sources. Make sure to upload all the attachments you want the writer to use. There is a space where you write additional instructions which you want the writer to follow. In case you encounter any difficulties, please feel free to chat with our online team who will assist you immediately.
6Is it possible for me to easily send the various materials and attachments to my writer?
When submitting your order, there is place written ‘attach files’. Click on that icon. You can easily attach your academic materials you want our writer to rely on. Make sure to attach every material and then click ‘submit’. The files will automatically be uploaded to our systems. They will be accessible to the writer handling your project immediately. You can still add more instructions on the space which will be provided after you complete uploading the attachments. In case of any challenges, feel free to contact our support team.
7You have stated that you have a platform for each and every client. How does it work?
Yes, we have this customized profile which allows a client to communicate to us and keep track of the progress of your orders. It is an interactive platform which enables you to place an order and communicate to your writer, administrators and the support team. It has the following major sections. Orders in progress: Here, you keep track of all the order our writers are working on. It enables you to continually communicate with the writer Completed orders: It is where you will find all the orders which were previously completed and delivered to you. Cancelled orders: contains a list of all the orders which have been cancelled. New orders: You click on this link to order for a new assignment with us. Personal profile. This section contains all your personal details which you have saved with us. You can change or modify your details or password on this tab.
8Do you have a mechanism whereby I can access my account if I can’t remember my Log in details?
In case this happens, remain calm. Do not panic. Just click on ‘forgot password’. You will be required to give us your username and your email address. Then click ‘next’. A link will be sent to your email. You will be required to open your email and click on the link. You can now change your password by following the instructions provided on the link.
9Explain on how a client can access his or her completed assignment?
Your specific writer will complete and upload your paper before the deadline. Once this is done, you will get an email notification. Open the email and click on the link which will direct you to your personal page. Log in to your personal page and access the completed assignment. No information will be sent to your email so you must visit your personal order page. In case it is past the deadline and you have not received your paper, kindly talk to us immediately. We shall resolve the issue as soon as possible.
10In case there is a delay in receiving my order, what is the way forward the deadline is over?
This could be very unfortunate. However, please do not panic. You are required to contact our support team immediately using the phone numbers given. You can also write an email to us, chat us or write a message on your personal order page. Many reasons can lead to delays. Our systems might be experiencing challenges or the writer might be waiting for some additional instructions. The writer might also be having some challenges with his or her systems. We can also be confirming the quality of your paper. When this happens the best thing is to call us immediately. You will be assisted and you will get your completed order.
11The completed order is not as per my instructions, advise on the next step is should take.
If this happens, request for a revision. This service is absolutely free and you can ask for as many revisions as you can. What you need is to give the specific alterations you want the writer to work on. Also, please give the deadline or the revision. Our customer service team will go through your concerns and take the necessary actions. Kindly note that issuing additional instructions will amount to doing extra work. As such, you will be charged an additional fee on top of what you had previously paid. Additionally, if your paper requires changes which were not in the original instructions, you will be required to pay some charges. We always ensure that we deliver a quality job to you. Kindly ensure that you furnish us with all the details for maximum satisfaction.
12I want you to assist me in doing my online assignments. How do you go about it?
As an outstanding company in the academic industry, we believe in integrity. As such, we do not assist students in completing multiple choice questions. Moreover, we do not do online tests for them. We only offer academic assistance and thus we cannot complete an online test for you. That is an academic offence. We are of the opinion that the assistance we give should be adequate to assist you in doing those tests without involving us. Still, on that, it can be difficult for us to assess the quality and the quantity of such tests. That will make it hard for us to compensate our writers. Please make a point of completing those tests by yourself and do not share your passwords for such accounts with our writers. If this happens, we shall suspend you from our list of customers and we shall not take responsibility for any offence committed by our writers.
13Can you handle my Complex Assignments?
Yes. We do complex assignments. Complex orders are those which require a lot of research and critical thinking. Some of those assignments include Mathematics, Physics Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Computer Science, Statistics and Finance among others. Before any order is categorized to be complex, our support team will go through it and give you a feedback. If it is found to be complex, you will be charged an extra 15%. These orders require special skills and we must remunerate our writers accordingly. As such we must charge for this extra work. Our team will communicate to you on the complexity of your assignment. They will request you to make extra payments before we can continue working on it. We assure you that the orders will be handled competently and you will get the best results.
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