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Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

Plagiarism involves the publication of another person’s work without properly acknowledging the source. It is an academic offence. Our company takes this issue seriously. When your order a paper from us, we ensure that plagiarism is checked before it is sent back to you. It is our policy. We must ensure that your paper is original and unique. We have powerful software to check for originality. On top of this, our software is updated from time to time so as to guarantee you a quality job. As a premier writing company, we guarantee you that every assignment will be free of plagiarism. Our software is able to detect paraphrasing, substitution of words and changes in writing style. Once this is detected, corrections are made and the paper is properly referenced. We also request you to check for plagiarism once we hand over the paper to you. Once this is detected, we investigate the source of this mistake and offer free revisions.

Money Back Guarantee

We strive to give you the best value for your money. Once you start working with us, you need to load money into your online account. The money is deducted once the writer is through with the order and you are satisfied with it. The money is paid to the writer for all the completed orders which appear on your profile. However, if you are not satisfied with the order, you have the option of cancelling the assignment. We offer a Money Back Guarantee service where you are eligible for a refund on all the orders which have been cancelled. You are always requested to review all your orders before clicking on ‘complete’ as you cannot claim a refund on completed orders. Since our business involves making you happy, we first launch an investigation to find the cause of your dissatisfaction. You are requested to cooperate with us so that we can detect where the mistake might have come from. You are required to request a refund within seven days after cancelling the order. Kindly contact our customer support and your refund will be processed immediately. We do not charge you anything for this service.

Privacy and confidentiality guarantee

Our company values your Privacy and confidentiality. You trust us with a lot of information ranging from personal details, academic details and critical financial information. We treat this information with the privacy it deserves. We a have a Privacy and confidentiality policy which guarantees you the total privacy of you information. Our staff have signed a privacy policy which is legally binding. They are not allowed to share your information with third parties. We have strong systems which ensure that your personal information cannot be accessed by outside parties. We have put in place a very safe online database management system. It ensures that your documents can only be accessed by the person working on them. Before you start working with us, you are required to sign a confidentiality agreement which is a legal document. When you work with us, no one will access your documents without your express authority.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our company exists to ensure that you get the best quality custom papers. When you order a paper with us, you are always assured of satisfaction. We can guarantee you that you will score the highest grade. Our paper acts as a guide and it will assist you in completing academic work with no difficulties. We offer academic assistance for the various disciplines and academic levels. We complement your classroom knowledge and help bridge the gap left by your instructors. Our writers are lecturers from the various universities. They will give you all the necessary guidance and assist you in tackling any academic challenge. They will take you step by step to ensure that you grasp the most important aspects of a particular discipline. We promise that you will enjoy our high-quality services and you will come back for more. You can read the responses from our clients below who have tasted our excellent services.

Free revisions guarantee

We want to make sure that you have a reason for working with us. First of all, we guarantee you of quality custom papers. All papers are written as per your unique instructions while adhering to the international best practices. However, sometimes, you may not be satisfied with the quality of papers we submit to you. We take responsibility for this and guarantee you free revisions. The service of free revisions offers you an unlimited number of revisions until you are satisfied with the quality of the paper. Kindly ensure that you request for this service within 2 days after the deadline of your final paper or the draft. Concerning this, please note that additional instructions will be treated as extra work and you will be charged for this. When giving your revision instructions, please state the areas where you want the writer to concentrate on. We can assure you that your paper will be well-revised and delivered as per your expectations. Please read more about our revision policy below.

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