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How do we employ our essay writers?

Our company takes pride in employing the best-qualified writers in the writing industry. We have thousands of writers. We complete more than a thousand assignments on a daily basis. Our recruitment process is very competitive. First of all, our writers are holders of at least Master’s degree. They need to fill in their personal details and upload their master’s degree certificates. Once they pass this stage, we give them aptitude tests. Those who pass are given online tests in their respective disciplines. The tests must be completed within one hour and test a wide variety of issues ranging from writing styles, structuring and research capabilities. For one to be hired, he or she must pass these tests by over 95%. Our grading criteria is very strict. Working with us ensures that your paper will be handled by the most qualified writer.

Are our essay writers qualified?

Yes. We have the most qualified and competent writers in the industry. By the virtue of being the most popular academic writing company, we have a team of writers who write papers of the highest quality. To achieve this, we have a very strict selection process. All of our applicants must be having at least a Master’s degree. Most of them are actually doctorate degree holders who teach at different universities across the world. Before they can handle your paper, they must demonstrate that they are actually qualified. This is achieved by giving them online tests from time to time to assess their skills in delivering a quality job. They must pass these tests by over 95%. Additionally, our writers must show interest in enhancing their education. As such from time to time we ask them to give us evidence of their recent enrolments to facilities of higher learning and professional bodies. This makes them write the best papers in the industry.

Why are our essay writers the best?

We take pride in having the best writers in the industry. We achieve this through our rigorous recruitment process. All our writers must possess at least a Master’s degree. However, most of them are actually doctorate degree holders. They must continue to advance with their academic studies and careers even after we hire them. Before joining our team, any aspiring writer must demonstrate impeccable skills in grammar, spelling, sentence stricture, critical thinking, through research and the ability to observe time. We achieve this by giving them a number of tests to assess their efficiency. We only recruit the best out of the many applicants we get. That is not all. A majority of them are lecturers in renowned universities across the world so they understand your special academic needs. They will take you step by step just to ensure that you get whatever you missed in your classroom.

Our essay writers are native English speakers

As the world’s best academic writing company, we take the issue of correct grammar seriously. As such, we only hire native English speakers. All of them are well versed in the correct grammar and spelling. We do not want to mess with your work. Your paper will be free from grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and poor sentence structures. Want your paper to be written in the best English? Engage us now!

Our essay writers hold PhD, Masters, and Bachelor degrees in various disciplines.

Our company only hires graduates as writers. Most of our writers are holders of PhD, Masters, and Bachelor degrees in various disciplines. They are very competent due to their many years of schooling. They used to be the best in their classes. It is the same knowledge they want to pass to you so that you can become the best.

Our essay writers have lots of experience

Our essay writers have lots of experience We have been in the industry for me than one decade. Actually, we are the captains of the writing industry. We have writers who have over ten year’s experience in writing. They understand all the challenges involved in getting the best essay. They will do just a perfect job for you due to the many years of experience they have gained. Excelling in the academic world is very simple when you decide to work with us.

Our essay writers are trained by the best

Do not waste more time trying to look for the most qualified academic writers. We have the most competent writers trained by the best in the industry. Since we began, we have trained thousands of academic writers from the various institutions of higher learning. They have since joined the team of our able writers who will complete the assignments for you. Our trainers are instructors from the leading universities in the world who teach our writers in all the aspects of writing. When your paper is handled by such writers, be assured of scoring the top grade.

Our writers write everything from scratch hence all content is original and plagiarism free

Quality is our guarantee. We do not complete your assignment just for the sake of it. We only develop original content which is free from plagiarism. As such, it has never been submitted or published elsewhere. Any work borrowed from the various resources is properly acknowledged and referenced as per the international writing standards. We have powerful software to detect and correct plagiarism.

Our essay writers have excellent research writing skills

We boast of having the most competent academic writers. They are conversant with the various writing methods and will do a thorough research for you. Since a majority of them are graduates and lecturers of the various universities, conducting a proper research is not a big deal to them. Research is their way of life. They have access to millions of materials in our academic resources. All of them have connections to fast internet which they use to further their research skills for your benefit.

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